EduHelp is a Social Enterprise launched to help deserving students the opportunities for better education for an improved life.

Year 2020 and even now, the Coronavirus Pandemic is creating huge problems globally and India is also suffering from the effects. We are aware that many parents may have lost their jobs, or their business income has gone down during this last over year. When anything like this happens the first axe falls on children's education.

If you are one such student who will dropout from your school or college or if you know someone who will be forced to sacrifice education, please contact

On the other hand, there are many successful people who are willing to help someone but probably are not aware of where to look for such needy students. is an effort to be a bridge between Donors who are willing to help the Brilliant students who wish to continue their education so that they can take their entire family out of the poverty.

If you are like us, who have received any help with your education in the past, we are sure you value that help and support and we are sure you wish to pass that help on. Many times, you wish to help but you cannot find the right cause or candidate in which case EduHelp is the right platform for you.

EduHelp has three distinct arms - Crowdfunding Donations for Education, Student Mentoring and Scholarships and Grants Directory.


Donations for Education by way of Education Crowdfunding Powered by Escrow Payments. has signed up agreement with EscrowPay India to manage the donations through Escrow Accounts to ensure 100% transparency and trust.

Every year thousands of students are not able to continue studies and in turn sacrifice their future and career prospects because of lack of funding.

Education is becoming expensive and not all parents have enough savings to fund their children's education. To bridge the gap, education loans are available from the Government Departments, Banks and Finance Companies in India, however not many students can afford these loans due to high rate of interest or requirement of security.

In 1970s, the Government had a Loan-Scholarship scheme which used to be interest-free and repayable after studies were completed, we are not sure if this scheme is still operational.

However, we feel a Crowdfunding platform like EduHelp can help students in finding doners who can contribute towards the expenses of the students.

If you are a student who needs financial help, please register and create a campaign to invite the donors to contribute.

If you are a School or educational institute looking for Donations for a educational project or adding facilities like a classroom, library books, laboratory instruments etc., please register and create a campaign to invite the donors to contribute.

If you are someone who wishes to contribute to help someone in studies, please register and donate to campaigns of your choice.

Please click here to register on Eduhelp Crowdfunding platform.

How the process for Education Donations works

  • Step 1 - Select a Student or a cause
  • Step 2 - Decide the amount you wish to donate,
  • Step 3 - EscrowPay India manages the donations collections and disbursements. will NOT charge any platform fees which means 100% of donations collected will go to beneficiaries. There will be a small deduction by ways of EscrowPay fees, however in deserving cases we may take care of the same.

Student Mentoring

It is not necessary for each student to reinvent the wheel i.e., spend time on finding relevant information about funding options or selection of course or understand career options going forward. In the new millennium it may not be right to make a decision based on limited information available or based on what your fiends are doing.

There are millions of people who have walked the path you are going to take and it would be easier to talk to one of such person who has walked the talk.

Student mentoring can help students in finding right direction. However, let us make it clear that Mentors will not do you work but will point you in right direction so you can save a lot of time and efforts which can be better used towards your studies.

Past one year has been very difficult for students when their schools and collages have been closed due to lockdowns and this difficult time must have been a huge mental struggle for many students. Student mentors can help all such students in reducing anxiety or mental stress.

Scholarships and Grants Directory

Many Scholarships and grants are offered by Government, Universities and private charitable trusts, however there are still millions of students who do not have information about the same. If they cannot meet the eligibility requirements for these scholarships or grants, it is a different matter but if they miss the opportunity because of lack of information it is not good.

Therefore, we have created a Directory to list all the Scholarships and Grants in one place. To begin with we have launched a database of scholarships and grants available for studies within India and internationally.

If you are offering Scholarships or Grants to the students, please list your scholarship details on our directory.

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