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by eduhelp / 11/04/2021

Crowdfunding Platform for Education Donations India.

Crowdfunding Blog on

Welcome to Crowdfunding Blog on EduHelp India. is dedicated to help students in India with their education. Education is a very important pillar on which future and success of an individual depends and we want to try and contribute something towards your continued education.

Why Someone Would Invest in Your Education?

Let us be clear. is an online platform which acts as a facilitator to connect those who seek funding with those who wish to donate or fund your cause. So, the donors will donate for your education only if they believe in your story and feel that you are a genuine student with merits who can build a bright future with the help of their contribution. So, if you feel that just because you are creating a crowdfunding campaign or project on, you will raise the funds you need.

You should also understand another fact that your crowdfunding campaign will succeed if you are first able to convince you family and friends.

It will be important to market your campaign to invite everyone you know and to request them to share your campaign link with their friends and colleagues.

The success of your campaign depends upon creating awareness about your project including sharing on social media.

How to Create a Campaign on EduHelp?

01. Define your purpose or objectiveand financial needs,

02. Tell your story,

    Where are you in your current journey?

    Be clear if you have already been successful in getting an unconditional offer of admission for your continued studies.

    Work out your budget carefully and list all the resources you currently have like own funds, contributions from family / parents, contributions from friends, scholarships and grants already confirmed etc. to workout the shortfall. Please do not inflate your estimates.

03. What funding do you need? Why do you need it?

04. How will the funding benefit you, your family and community once you complete your studies?

05.Are you prepared to offer something in return to your Donors? While it is not required and most donors do not expect in return for their social investment, you may be able to offer something in return like showing willingness to do some volunteering or showing willingness to work / employment if there is a corporate donor who funds a major portion of your studies.

06. Use images and if possible, video as a part of your campaign. We can try and help you with creating or selecting a suitable image for your campaign.

07. If you are raising funds for your continued education, we will ask for admission letter and bank account details for the school, college or university where you will study and the collected amount will be sent directly to them.

We will be publishing regular blog posts and success stories on crowd funding on EduHelp India so please visit this page and site soon and support our efforts.

Please contact us if you have any questions or have any suggestions or feedback.