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FAQs for Crowdfunding Platform for Education by EduHelp India.

Welcome to EduHelp.org.in 

What is Crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is the process of funding a project online by collecting small amounts of money from a large volume of people.

According to Wikipedia, "Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet. Crowdfunding is a form of crowdsourcing and alternative finance."

Crowdfunding makes use of the easy accessibility of vast networks of people through social media and crowdfunding websites to bring fundraisers and donors together, with the potential to increase donations reaching the right projects.

How Does ‘Create Campaign’ work on EduHelp?

If you are an individual student, who needs financial support to continue the studies, or a NGO / Charity working to help students with their education directly or indirectly, you can Create Campaign to raise the required funds.

If you wish to start a campaign you will need to signup and confirm your email address. Once this is done, you can start the campaign. Please note that if this is your first campaign, we will need to complete KYC formalities, which you can do before withdrawing the donations collected.

Creating your Campaign is very simple.

Add details that you would like others to know and why you are starting this campaign.

Set a goal and set an end date. We will make the campaign online but you should share the link with your friends, family and colleagues to spread it further.

Once the overall goal is reached or when the campaign reaches end date, you can request to withdraw the money along with required documents so that the balance can be transferred to the designated bank account.  

What is EduHelp?

EduHelp.org.in is India’s online crowdfunding platform to raise Donations for Education and Educational Projects.

This being a crowdfunding platform enables many donors to contribute to one campaign or project according to their ability.

EduHelp has a unique Escrow Payment mechanism where you, as a donor, can be confident that 100% of your donation will be used to fulfil the cause which is close to your heart.

EduHelp does not charge any platform fee so the only deductions from your donation will be the Payment Gateway Charge and Escrow Payment fees, which we have negotiated to a very low rate already.

What can I raise money for?

We are aware thousands, if not millions, of children in India drop out from the school or college because education is very expensive. If you are one such student, you can request our donors and supporters to help your campaign.

If you are raising funds to pay your fees, collected funds will be transferred to your college or university in their bank account. So, even if you do not have a bank account you can start a campaign and raise the funds.

Similarly, if you are a school or a NGO, working in the education field, you can raise the funds on EduHelp’s crowdfunding platform. To give you an example, you can raise funds to buy books and uniforms for group of school.

Can I raise money for my personal campaign or project?

Yes, absolutely. As stated above the funds will be transferred to the school or educational institutions where you want to study or to the hostel where you wish to live for your studies. Even if you are not clear about how EduHelp can help you, please send the details and our team will try and see how we can help you.

Who can fund my Campaign?

Anyone. Yes, anyone can fund your Campaign. Once you start a Campaign, you can share with your friends through social network. Your friends, acquaintances and anyone who come across your post can fund this campaign. EduHelp.org.in will also ensure that your campaign gets online exposure to reach out to Donors all over India and abroad.

I am a Donor, How do I know my money reaches properly?

You can be 100% sure that 100% of your donations reach the people and causes you are donating to.

Earning trust of our Donors is out top priority and hence, we are using Escrow Pay services to ensure that complete collections go to you. Our team is working hard to bring the most deserving projects for our donors and we  work hard to make sure every rupee donated reaches the right people at the right time.

We are sure the EscrowPay facility will make you confident that your donations will be put to best use as per your wishes.

Are there any administration costs involved?

EduHelp does not charge any platform or administrative costs. The only deductions from your donations will be towards Payment Gateway charges and Escrow Platform fees. We have negotiated the best rates so maximum amount goes to help the causes you love most. The exact amount will be displayed on each project page.

How is EduHelp ‘Start a Campaign’ different from other crowd-funding platforms?

Just like any other crowd-funding platform, you could select a one campaign or project and donate towards it according to your ability. Your donations pooled with those from other donors will be sent to meet the particular one campaign or project and you will receive a report of the same.

But what makes EduHelp unique is the way our ‘Start a Campaign’ works. While other crowd-funding platforms lets you raise funds for your own initiatives, EduHelp gives you the unique opportunity to raise funds for a child or a family in one campaign or project.

You could choose a particular one campaign or project, design your own campaign and raise funds. You will have the joy and satisfaction of helping someone in one campaign or project.

How do I start a Campaign?

Starting a Campaign is simple.

  •     Log on to https://EduHelp.org.in and register on EduHelp.
  •     Fill in your contact details and write why you chose a particular one campaign or project.
  •     Submit the Campaign.
  •     Share with your friends through social network.

How does EduHelp ‘Start a Campaign’ work?

During your birthday or special days, you could ask your friends to direct the gifts to someone in one campaign or project. Finding that someone in one campaign or project is now made easy through EduHelp. With lots of one campaign or projects on various categories ranging from health, education, livelihood and shelter, you can choose the one that touches and compels you the most, design your own campaign, set your goal and share it with your friends.

What is the minimum amount I can donate?

INR. 100 is the minimum amount that you can donate on EduHelp platform.

Do I have to donate full target amount for any project or can I donate a lesser amount?

Yes, you can donate any amount you wish. The best part of Crowd Funding is that many donors join hands to support a cause or a campaign.

We have added some questions and answers here, however if you have any specific questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.