EduHelp Student Mentoring for Better & Sustained Education in India.

Do you feel that if you had mentoring support when you were a student, you may have made different and better choices about your education and career?

Can you help students make a right decision about their studies?

Can you help parents understand what is in the best interest of their child?

Do you love to empower others to be successful?

Join EduHelp in using mentoring to support students transition into and out of higher education and successful careers to creating a long-lasting positive impact.

EduHelp has a goal to provide one-on-one and group mentoring support to School and College going students in India. To begin with, we will start with online mentoring because of global pandemic and also we want Indian students to get global perspective by interacting with mentors who may be abroad.

In order to be a better and a prosperous country than we are now, we must invest in the next generation. As a society, we must know who our students are and what are their expectations as the choices our students and younger generation will make will guide the direction of our Country.

We wish to build a team of likeminded mentors who wish to help us create a sustaining culture of student mentoring to encourage students in continuing their education. We want our mentors to proactively find out answers to questions a student may have about benefits of school or college education and to help overcome the problems as a student.

Mentoring in education involves pairing school and college students with an older peer or volunteer who has experienced the journey on the same path. We believe that this previous similar experience will act as a positive and confidence building experience for the mentee.

We want to ensure that the mentoring exercises build self-confidence in mentees and develop resilience. We hope mentoring helps in building the character and helps in raising aspirations from education in general, rather than developing specific academic skills or knowledge.

We feel that right Mentoring support to students at the right time will make their student life better and reduce the risk of educational failure or exclusion or dropping out of school or college.

How would student mentoring work on EduHelp?

  1. Mentors will sign up and we may also invite teachers, professors and academics to join our team of mentors.
  2. We will ask mentors to complete an online sign-up form and request them to complete a questionnaire online so that we can use those details for matching the student mentees with mentors.
  3. Mentees will sign up online. For students who are in school below the age of 18, they will be accompanied by their parents or a school staff.
  4. Mentees will fill up an online questionnaire to explain their expectations and goals.
  5. We will then match the mentees with mentors based to strengths of both to try and make mentoring programme a success.
  6. We will help the mentee and mentor to arrange their first meeting online in the presence of student's parents or a school staff.

Definitions of mentoring

Many experts have tried to define mentoring as under:

  • "Mentoring is for the mentee. Most of all, for the mind of the mentee. I think that Mentoring needs to focus on and develop the mentee's finest independent thinking about their work, their career, their life, their dreams.The Mentor's perspective is an important ingredient in this special relationship. But it feeds. It is not the feast" - (Kline 2009)
  • "to help and support people to manage their own learning in order to maximise their potential, develop their skills, improve their performance, and become the person they want to be" - (Parsloe 1992)
  • "off-line help by one person to another in making significant transitions in knowledge, work or thinking" - (Megginson and Clutterbuck 1995)
  • "A learning relationship which helps people to take charge of their own development, to release their potential and to achieve results which they value" - (Connor and Pokora 2007)

We wish to make sure that Mentoring helps students develop their potential and together we can help many students.

We believe Mentee's success is Mentor's success too and we hope you agree. Come join us.

Please contact us to know more about mentoring for education on EduHelp or want to signup as a Mentor or a Mentee.