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Support us support the students in India continue their education.

According to European Commission,

Social investment is about investing in people. It means policies designed to strengthen people's skills and capacities and support them to participate fully in employment and social life. Key policy areas include education, quality childcare, healthcare, training, job-search assistance and rehabilitation.

Most businesses, including the SMEs are doing a lot of good work as a part of their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) initiatives and supporting many social causes and charities. offers such an opportunity for businesses of all sizes to get involved in our activities because we believe that better education will help youth of India in better employment leading to better social life.

Why should you support us?

EduHelp provides:

  1. Escrow Payments Powered Crowdfunding for Donations with 0% Platform Fees.

    This ensures that 100% of your CSR budget is used for the education projects you have selected where beneficiaries are those who may have merits but who may be lacking means.
  2. Student Mentoring
    We are building a team of very highly experienced Teachers, Professors, Academics, Professionals and Entrepreneurs who value the importance of right education and how it can improve the life of the student mentee. We would also be planning special education events where the corporates can support us as sponsors.
  3. Database of Scholarships and Grants
    Many students may be missing out on the scholarship opportunities because they may not be having information about them. We do not blame them because their first priority is concentrating on their studies to get the best results.

    As a successful business you may also consider to setup and announce a scholarship or grant where we can help you in the process.

This is just a brief introduction about our objectives to promote Education for All in India and we are open to your suggestions so please contact us now.

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