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Kadviba Charitable Trust - NOTE BOOKPROJECT

by Dr. Ghanshyambhai N Chavda
Created 05/12/2022 | Vadodara, Gujarat, India
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Kadviba Charitable Trust
Category : Educational
Campaign goal : To help underprivileged students for education by distribution of Free Notebooks
Location : Vadodara - Gujarat
Campaign end date : June -July 2023
Fullscape notebooks : 10,000nos.
Jumbo notebooks : 10,000 nos.
Total cost : Rs. 6,50,000 only (including GST, laborcharges & transportation)
Area of distribution : Vadodara as well as any surrounding places of Gujarat
Free distribution : 5000 books will be given to underprivileged students free of cost.Remaining books will be distributed at concessional rate to any students(only at 50% of market price)

Dr. GhanshyambhaiN. Chavda, who is President of KADVIBA CHARITABLE TRUST as well as principle of Nutan Vidyalaya, Subhanpura, Vadodara has been distributing free note books for past many years. This project is managedby Dr. Chavda since 2016 by getting donation and advertisements. As personal account and Kadviba Charitable Trust.

Kadviba Charitable Trust is Registered under No. E/8224/VADODARA,The BombayCharitable Trust Act,1950, Schedule IX[Vide Rule17(1) ] with Charities Commissioner since [23/06/2017] .Kadviba Charitable Trust is involved in various charitable activities in Education field to help underprivileged and deserving students.

Kadviba Charitable Trust has applied for 80G registration with the IT authorities, and the trust expects approval soon, in which case donors will be able to claim Income Tax benefits under section 80G. Donation to the trust requires Donor’s PAN number and appropriate receipt will be issued to Donors.

Kadviba Charitable Trust has been distributing free notebooks for underprivileged students in and around Vadodara since 2016.

Bio-data of Dr. Ghanshyam Chavda
  1. Full Name : Dr. Ghanshyambhai N Chavda
  2. Address : S/29,Yogeshwar Flat, Subhanpura, Vadodara-23
  3. Contact No. : +91 9825802959
  4. Education : M.Com. B.Ed., PHD.
  5. Education Field: Since 1993
  6. Best Principal Award of Gujarat received in 2018
  7. Best School Award of Vadodara in 2017
  8. Activites:
  1. Mara Janmdin Maru Anndan project : Under this project students distribute food grains like wheat, Rice etc., to the Ashram School.
  2. Kartavya Project: With help of society and personal capacity nearly 2,00,000 given to the underprivileged students educational help
  3. Notebooks distribution : 20,000 notebooks and fullscape note-book distributed free as well as very concessional rate to poor students
  4. Chhod dattak and cotton bags distribution
  5. Toys, clothes and cycles also given to needy students etc
For the year 2022-2023 the trust plans to distribute 5,000 notebooks and 5,000 fullscap notebooks to needy students.

The trust has developed good relations with manufacturers and suppliers to get the supplies at the best possible rates.
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