How Crowdfunding Works

Donate for Education. Crowdfunding Platform for Education with Escrow Payments.

How Does Education Crowdfunding Platform on Work? passes on 100% of your donations* to the project or cause you wish to support in a very transparent way.

Fundraising for Education

Crowdfunding for Education is a way for people, NGOs, Social Enterprises, Community Groups and charities to raise money for education projects. It works through individuals or organisations who donate to  crowdfunding projects.

The social sector in India seems to be failing to take the advantage of this promising way of fundraising through crowdfunding as we feel a very small percentage of donations are raised for education projects and initiatives.

Education crowdfunding platform on is launched to connect individuals, charities and community groups seeking the donations and individual and corporate donors who wish to support these projects. EduHelp believes in complete transparency of its operation and hence following process is designed to give you full confidence that every rupee you donate will be used for the cause you wish to support.

How do we achieve the transparency in our operations?

We wish to achieve full transparency by properly undertaking KYC for the individuals and entities seeking funds and also for the donors. KYC work may be assigned to external third party.

The money our donors donate will be held in an escrow account and when the project or campaign ends an independent firm of Chartered Accountants will check and confirm KYC details, verify donations received / credited to the Escrow account, check and verify documents submitted along with withdrawal request for the campaign and then transfer the final amount to the bank account of individual or the organisation. All the disbursements for the donations collected will be by way of a bank transfer and in most cases direct to the University or College where an individual wishes to study.

The independent firm of chartered accountants will also issue a quarterly certificate for the donations received in the escrow account and disbursed during the quarter which will be uploaded on this website and will be available for anyone to check.

How to start a crowdfunding campaign on

If you want help with your continued education or if you are a community group or a registered educational institution looking for funds for an education project, the first step will be to sign up and confirm your email.

Once you have confirmed your email address, you will be able to create a campaign, which will be checked by the admin.

While Donors start making donations to support your campaign, you would be required to complete your KYC requirements. The details of the documents you will need to send us will be included in the email once you confirm your email.

How to Donate to support a cause or a campaign?

As a Donor, you will also need to signup and complete usual KYC requirements. Once you have completed KYC process, you will be able to support exciting education projects.

Most donors are concerned about the end use of the funds and to know whether 100% of their donation goes to support the campaign.

If you have any questions about the process or want any help to register and start using the platform, please contact us and we will be happy to help.

* after deduction of Payment Gateway fees and Escrow charges, if any.

Donate for Education