Events for Education

Are you organising and event to raise funds for Education in India? acts as a bridge between the charities, NGOs and students on one hand and donors on the other.

If you discuss your event with us, we may be able to help you in fundraising activities by creating a campaign for the event on if you wish to raise funds for the event from our donors.

This may be applicable if you have an idea about an event but do not have a budget to organise the event.

Alternatively, if you are planning an event where deprived students will be participating, you may be able to refer them to

Contact us by an email if you wish to discuss your event with us.

Featured Campaign

Help a School Buy Books for Students

Help the school buy books for children

We are a small school in a rural background where we provide primary education to c....

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Education Crowdfunding

Donate for Education

Cost of education is increasing year on year and many parents find it difficult to support their kids for school and higher education and we feel we all can help spread education for all the children.


Education Mentoring

Gift of Education Lasts Lifelong!

EduHelp Student Mentoring for Better & Sustained Education in India.

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Scholarships Directory

Fund your dream studies

Scholarships help deserving students in continuing their education. However many brilliant students may be missing the opportunity due to lack of information.

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