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Student Mentoring. Building Positive Connections Through Positive Conversations with Students.

We all agree that,

We want every student to feel safe and cared for,
We want every student to feel supported and respected,
We want every student to feel that her / his voice is heard,
We want to engage every student in studies and curricular activities,
We want every student to feel empowered and inspired and do well.

However, the ground reality may be different for various reasons.

We therefore, feel that Student Mentoring services we offer will be able to help us all in achieving the above objectives to some extent.

How Student Mentoring Can Help Us All.

In the 21st century the life is very fast, and many a times parents cannot devote enough time with their children. Modern Society is moving towards a more nuclear structure, so the children do not have the support from grandparents.

Also, in the current situation of pandemic, schools are closed and there is no interaction with teachers and other school children, which may lead to a feeling of loneliness. We do not want any child to feel neglected.

A successful and bright future awaits students and the society if we can help our students in meeting their day-to-day challenges.

Children may be afraid of parents and sometimes even teachers cannot help students open up with their concerns or problems. In such a situation an independent student mentor can help build positive conversations which may lead to positive connections and better understanding of the situation.

Children can be very sensitive and if they feel neglected, they may go into a shell suffer internally, which may harm their mental health over a longer term.

Student mentoring can offer a possibility for course correction which can reduce the stress and can bring in positive outcome.

Please contact us today to find out how you can make a difference for a student as a mentor.