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We are happy you are visiting and we hope we can help you in finding what you are looking for.

Students, all over the world, are under tremendous stress and pressure to do well because parents and teachers keep telling them that if they do well in studies, their future will be bright.

However, there are millions of students who may have a completely different and additional stress. They may be brilliant in studies and want to continue studies, but they may not have means to do that.

There are many scholarships and grants offered by Government Organisations, Universities and Charities but they have their own set of eligibility criteria and many times the information is not readily available, which means that the deserving students miss out and 'fall through the cracks'.

At the same time, we know that there are thousands of donors who wish to help deserving students, but they are not aware how to reach these students and how to help them. therefore launched an online platform where the deserving students and potential donors meet. EduHelp will take care of initial KYC for the students to make sure that they are genuine, they are doing well in their studies and they may be forced to drop out if timely help is not available to them.

While this is one support we are trying to provide to students, we are also aware that many students may be feeling a bit nervous in the current uncertainties arising out of Covid 19 pandemic, and they may be looking for some guidance and help by way of mentoring. For this purpose, we have launched the mentoring section where experienced educators, teachers, university professors and other professionals who will provide mentoring support to the students.

We are also building a directory of scholarships and grants available to students where you can find details of various funding options for your studies.

Why are we doing this? What is in it for us?

We have launched this initiative because we are thankful for the support we received for our education and this is a small effort to say 'thank you' to the society and give something back.

EduHelp will not be charging any platform fees so the donors can feel reassured that their donations are utilised for the cause close to their heart.

EduHelp may try to take care of a small fee charged by the Escrow Payment company in deserving cases or even contribute something as donations.

How can students help us?

Even if you may not need help from EduHelp, you may be able to help us. If you know any students who can benefit from the services offered by EduHelp, please refer them to us.

We strongly believe that Education is a Right of every individual and better education will help the individual student, student's family and the community.

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