About us

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About EduHelp

EduHelp is a not-for-profit social enterprise setup to help the students.

We want to help children continue their education and we want to bring smile to every child who could have dropped out from school or college.

Research suggests that Dropout rates are high in India due to various reasons, one of which is the lack of finances and only a small percentage of students go for higher education.

Research also shows that higher education is one of the key drivers of economic growth in any economy. And, when someone drops out from school or nation, the nation loses very important economic contribution and that person's family may have to wait one more generation.

At EduHelp, we have received help with higher education, which has helped us reach where we are today and we have felt the need to return back to the society.

Till now we have been trying to do this on our personal level when possible, but now we feel that there is a need for an online platform which can be a bridge between students and people like us who wish to join us in creating an unending positive chain for better education for all.

Please contact us to be a part of this movement.