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Hemkunt Foundation’s Crowdfunding campaign for OXYGEN CYLINDER RELIEF

by Hemkunt Foundation
Created 28/04/2021 | India
₹30,800 raised of ₹31,501 goal 97.77%
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There is acute shortage of Oxygen in India to fight against COVID-19. To tackle this issue Hemkunt Foundation is supplying FREE Oxygen Cylinders to Covid patients. We can all support by donating as much as we can. Minimum Donation Rs. 100. Escrow Powered Crowdfunding. No Platform Fees.100% of Your Donations Support the Cause. Donate Now!

We at Hemkunt Foundation have recognised the need of the hour and have started distributing Oxygen Cylinders to COVID-19 patients only for free. Support the cause so we can save more lives.All donations to Hemkunt Foundation are exempted under Section 80G of Income Tax.

Please send an email to to get your 80G donation receipt, after you have made the donation.

How Crowdfunding can help Hemkunt Foundation

We know everyone wants to contribute as much as they can but we understand that not each of us can donate the amount for one cylinder and this is where crowdfunding plays its part. We have kept minimum donation amount to Rs. 100 only so everybody can support this drive.

Please see the video below how an individual can help this noble cause with the help of Crowdfunding.

About Hemkunt Foundation:
Hemkunt Foundation is a non-government organisation that aims to provide humanitarian aid to marginalized sections of society.

The organisation is based upon the most popular Sikh principle of ‘Sarbat Da Bhalla’ which means welfare for all. While the efforts of Hemkunt Foundation are in tandem with its principle, it continues to provide livelihoods, disaster relief, access to basic human rights and education to all.

Our journey has led to 10 years of deep transformations whilst touching lives of many. Our relentless work towards society began with a small project of running free schools in 3 districts of New Delhi. 10 years later, the year 2020 marks a milestone for our 12+ ongoing projects, especially for COVID-19 relief.

The journey from 2010 until now has not only brought countless smiles but also given our team the motivation, zeal and enthusiasm to continue to help everyone grow together- globally!

1. Establishing 3 world- class skill training centers to enable communities through generation of livelihoods.
2. Impacting the lives of 10,000 adolescent girls and women through gender awareness and inculcation of healthy and hygienic practices.
3. Creating environmental awareness through various ongoing initiatives.
4. Providing Immediate Relief Aid during disasters and pandemics.
5. Continue to build a community of young volunteers, subject matter experts, donors, professionals and other stakeholders to affect change.
  • Priyanka Kalkat
    Priyanka Kalkat donated ₹100
  • Tarun Kumar
    Tarun Kumar donated ₹500
  • Tarun Kumar
    Tarun Kumar donated ₹100
  • Ashwin Chawwla
    Ashwin Chawwla donated ₹1,000
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