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EduHelp India is an online platform launched to help the students from India in continuing their education in schools and colleges.

There is no denying the fact that many students cannot continue college or university education for various reasons, however the most important reason would be lack of resources. EduHelp India is launched as a Social Enterprise to help students and organisations in India with the help of Online Platform for Education Crowdfunding, Student Mentoring and online directory of scholarships and grants. provides three distinct services as under:

  1. 01. Donations Crowdfunding powered by Escrow Payments
  2. 02. Student Mentoring
  3. 03. Scholarships and Grants Directory

Online Crowdfunding platform will allow donors to select the student or fundraising campaign they want to support. Donations will be collected in an Escrow Account maintained by an independent third party and the funds will be transferred to the beneficiary's bank account or to the school, college or university if the funds are raised for an individual student.

Student mentoring services, where experienced mentors will help students in many different ways from selecting a right course to how to raise funds for studies etc.

EduHelp is creating database of all the Scholarships and Grants available for students in India where all the scholarships and grants offered by Government Departments, Universities, Colleges, Corporates and Charities.

EduHelp wants to work initially in all parts of India and is in the process of building a team of like minded people who wish to spread education as we believe that education is the fundamental right of everyone. Better education
Crowdfunding is a way for people, businesses and charities to raise money. It works through individuals or organisations who invest in (or donate to) crowdfunding projects in return for a potential profit or reward. Investing this way can be risky, so make sure you know what you're doing.
No. EduHelp India exists to serve individualstudents and organisations who need help with their education projects without any discrimination on grounds of caste, creed, colour, gender, location or religion.
EduHelp India uses Escrow Payment services, for which it has entered into an agreement with EscrowPay India, to manage receipt of all donations you make online or through Bank Transfer. This means that no donation is handled by EduHelp and the donations do not come to our accounts and books. All the CrowdFunding transactions are handled by reputed and regulated third-party Escrow Payment Services. What is more, EduHelp does not charge or deduct any platform fees, which means that 100% of your donations (less a small EscrowPay charge) goes to the project or campaign you wish to support.
You can be assured that all transactions on our site are secure as they are handled by payment gateways. Online security is our paramount concern and that is why the EduHelp India site is a secure site and you will always see that the site URL or link starts with
We are aware there are many such online platforms to raise funds for your education and other purposes like healthcare. May of these platforms are for specific purposes which may or may not cater to your one campaign or projects. Also, the potential demand is very huge and not all platforms can reach everyone. Our team is very strong in IT and web services and also we have been beneficiaries of support in the past for our education. We therefore wish to have a platform which continues to act as a bridge between students and their dream institution / course.

In case you cannot find a cause / project on EduHelp, you may wish to consider suggesting the project to us.

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