Can you spare just 1 hour every week for a good cause?

Join us, if you can spare just 1 hour every week. Help us spreading the word or help someone who can benefit from the services provided by

Here is what you can do in one hour:

  1. If you know a student who is brilliant in studies but whose family may be struggling with the fees and other expenses, you can refer the student to EduHelp.
  2. You can help a student in signing up and creating a campaign to raise funds, if the student does not have internet facility.
  3. You can provide details about EduHelp to your local school or teachers so that they can refer the needy students to EduHelp or raise funds for their activities.
  4. You can join us as a Mentor and provide mentoring support to a student.
  5. Suggest a Scholarship or a Grant to include on our growing directory so that students have better knowledge about the funding options available to them for continued education.

These are a few suggestions about how you can help others in their efforts for better education and we are sure this can be a huge 'Feel Good' factor for you.

Better education in local community will help the community prosper and there will be growth for everyone.

Volunteers - Work from home or in your local community wishes to recruit volunteers to help with the Scholarship Campaign for Wards of Covid Warriors who lost their lives while saving others from Covid 19.

Positions are completely flexible and you can even decide to volunteer for as little as 1 hour every week.

Featured Campaign

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Education Crowdfunding

Donate for Education

Cost of education is increasing year on year and many parents find it difficult to support their kids for school and higher education and we feel we all can help spread education for all the children.


Education Mentoring

Gift of Education Lasts Lifelong!

EduHelp Student Mentoring for Better & Sustained Education in India.

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Scholarships Directory

Fund your dream studies

Scholarships help deserving students in continuing their education. However many brilliant students may be missing the opportunity due to lack of information.

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