Launches Escrow Powered Crowdfunding Campaign for Scholarships for Children of Covid Warriors.

14 May, 2021 has set up an Escrow Powered Crowdfunding Campaign for ₹ 1 Crore (₹10M equivalent to approx. £100,000 or $135,000) for a Scholarship Fund for Children of Covid Warriors in India who lost their lives while saving others from Covid. The campaign is set-up to pay respect and to thank the Coronavirus Warriors for their personal sacrifice.

Scholarships will be available for children of frontline healthcare workers and other Covid Warriors who lost their lives in India during the Covid 19 Pandemic. Applications will be considered once every month.

Many Doctors, Nurses, Ward Assistants, healthcare assistants, ambulance drivers, paramedics and others have lost their lives fighting Coronavirus and, in most cases, they are the only bread earners in the family. Without help from the Government and their employers, the families may find it difficult to continue education of the children. The devastating effects will have impact for many years to come and this is the right time to think about supporting them.

The scholarships, each valued at up to ₹10,000, ₹15,000, and ₹25,000, are intended to assist students to pay the fees for their chosen course of study in school, college or at a vocational institute. The scholarships will be awarded on the basis of meeting the eligibility criteria, which can be found on the Covid Warriors Scholarship Campaign page on

Why Escrow Powered Crowdfunding for Donations?

Many Donors stay away from donating because of doubts about proper utilisation of their donations and hence we are using Escrow Powered Crowdfunding to ensure that the funds are collected by a reliable third party and the funds will then be sent directly to the educational institution as fees.

Funds donated through EduHelp campaigns are collected by in an Escrow Account.CEO of EscrowPayIndia Mr. Ashwin Chawwla says, "It is a privilege to partner with Eduhelp for this great cause. Our seamless digital escrow solution will power Eduhelp's efforts to create a convenient, secure and transparent platform for donors. We are pleased that in these difficult times we too have been able to do our bit for this initiative". does not charge any platform fees so 100% of your donations go to the charities, after a small deduction of Escrow Fees. Donors can donate a minimum of Rs. 100 (approx. £1) so that almost anyone should be able to support the cause.

This will ensure complete transparency and build trust in our Donora.
Please Donate with Confidence and Donate Now!

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EduHelp India has also launched Education Mentoring Platform to help student in getting mentoring support during this difficult time. The Pandemic has impacted and changed the entire skills demand pattern and many skills have become redundant and demand for new skills are emerging. Students will be able to get free mentoring support to help them make right choice.

About is a social initiative launchedfor supporting education in India. Please contact EduHelp India by email to Dattatraya Kadikar at if you have any questions about the campaigns or if you would like to know how you can support these initiatives.

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About Escrowpay

Escrowpay transforms the way the world collaborates and transacts through innovative payment solutions. Founded in 2015, it was the first company to develop and deploy Digital Escrow technology in India. Escrowpay is targeting to process 1M plus transactions worth $1B value this year. Winner of the 2020 Technoviti Award for innovation in payments, its services are sector, size and value agnostic. Currently headquartered in Gurugram, India, the company is also expanding its presence globally with its first 100% owned subsidiary in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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